Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Class is in session

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At a weekly stop: the big easy. Like always I’m more of the receptive kind to these blues jams rather than being active always…the guys may not understand my logic as I’ve been asked to fill in and give the bassist a break but tonight’s a night I just wanna sit and learn than participate prematurely. I appreciate the concern but Sorry guys.

I hate to jump on stage with a complex mindset ready to go and something as simply tasteful as blues can be tainted with my nouveau-jazziness that I’ve slaves over to even pseudo-master lol. What the cats may not understand is that right now me executing the simple beauty that is blues is like me executing dance moves in a club…it doesn’t come naturally thus I’m uncomfortably thinking about my next move…it may be the norm for some but for me that’s not what i strive for, but I’ll do it if needed.

After the show has ended they talked to me about going up there, and though they understood that i approached the scene in a studious manner, but there’s a time to take a risk…like my mentor said “if this world class artist is asking why you’re not up there, it’s not about filling up space (as I thought wholeheartedly) but because he sees a good musician who can hone her skills in practice (like I don’t already). The guy cares and sees that i’m not bulshi**in’. Lesson learned.

Simma down and simplify


This jam band is the bizness, especially this 19yr old guitarist who can play with any blues best. Check her out Jan6th at the Big Easy (sorry I can’t remember her name).

Kevin berry-drums

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