Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Boy was I dealt the blues at the big easy!!

It’s 2:20am right now, but 2.5 hours earlier I flung myself on stage for my first ham at the big easy off Kirby [hou TX]. I’m not affluent in the genre [blues that is] but as a professional I can BS with ease SO I approached the jam as a hit or miss experience. Well, based on that approach it was a well missed experience. The singer assigned to the jam band through out a standard by name with confidence, and with confidence I honestly admitted that I couldn’t depict the particular baseline by the title at the moment…it was priceless to witness the sheer horror on her face, but I assured her that since it was a standard that I know it…and lighten up-it’s a JAM! Needless to say, w/o my ignorance we were still doomed as the drummer went AWOL from metronomal intelligence and the 2 guitarists were playing obviously different chord progressions. Man that was a ghastly sight to witness!!! But hey there’s a first for everyone.

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