Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Tonight’s venue: Dan Electro’s guitar bar


Yet another jam session I’ve attended. Inconsistent drummers and overly-aggressive bassists I’ve encountered. Songs that were started together (somewhat) were never ended together (no where close)!

A bassist with an ADD/energy management problem couldn’t sand still-just jumping all over the stage EVEN bouncing in front of musicians who were soloing. [Not to be so judgmental but wow-I hate to show my face playing something I don’t know]…

I have to give it to the old chocolate gentleman who took control of this clusterfuck and forced the ADD ridden bassist and band to play a SLOW blues, which allowed them to understand their position in the collective composition. Yeah the bassist was occassionally slapping the fretboard and tapping his feet and such but this is a good start to recovering from asshole-ism.

Of my time here this shift in progress came better late than never but two bands too late for my comfort. I’m trying to stop myself from hiring up this idiot but hey if I don’t then someone else will.

My drummer friend Kevin Berry just told me that the best approach to such jams that it’ll be either magic or tragic.

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