Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Bandtastic4:Jet Lounge:10/27:Up in smoke


It rained. It chilled. Mother nature really did a number last Thursday night. Many of the groupies and fans of the various acts shy’d away from supporting fr the sake of comfort [trust I would’ve done it too]. Due to the narendra of the club at the scheduled time we [bandmates/club staff] enjoyed drinks, pizza and the hopeful game 6 of the world series [don’t wanna talk about that]. About none o’clock rings by and we’re more than ready to start the show to anyone who decides to listen. First off, a cool lanky white dude named _____ [gov’t name: cale] put on a show to an appropriate audience of one [yay me!] that was filthily delicious with perverted lyrical swag and an infectious presence that really got me out of my seat [gotta support my fellow acts]. Bandtastic4 was next and we rocked . Tje Austin from The Voice put on a nice warm show for the chilled audience cozied up in a tin can. There’s another band that I wanted to stay and see but I had to leave [family time] but if you have time check out Cadence [Facebook: Cadence (Brandon shatera); Twitter:
Kiss my cadence]

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