Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

FYRE FACTORY BAND backs up KILLA KYLEON @ the Bronze Peacock room at House of Blues-Houston

two thursdays ago. rainy. weather was questionable. in search of thorough details to alleviate the urge to zombie out like decapitated chickens packing instruments [too many video games]. just going with the flow with an optimistic outlook on the unknown [nice line]. that’s the pace of the business. trust that it won’t be a blunder just believe that we succeed by the seat of our pants…wait, other industries thrive off of unplanned surprises too right??? thought so [early morning rambling].

our sound guy [doesn’t deserve audio engineer title lol] seemed challenged a bit*. my keys player’s laptop decided to take a rest in the middle of soundcheck soooo the entire band and magik eye studio crew traveled backto the studio to transfer sounds onto another laptop [oh yeah this angered the sound guy of course]. we’re chillin’-celebrating one’s bday until we realized that we’re needed on stage ASAP. call time was questionable. we get back. snow bunnies are on stage entertaining those wanting to be entertained [check the video]. rain messed up my clothes. **wardrobe change** so we’re late but boy when we got on stage we lit it up like we did every rehearsal!

we killed both sets despite any prior setbacks. killa kyleon was pleased. crowd was pleased. bandmates were pleased. i was pleased. more vids will be posted as they’re found. enjoy::..

*addition to the ‘musician’s toolkit-BE A ‘PEOPLE PERSON’ or else be a person not welcomed by people

Killa Kyleon, Dough Beezy & the nice guys-house of blues concert 9.24.11

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