Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Every musician’s nightmare came true!!!! (well one of ’em)

Sunday morning. My iPhone decides to make random phone calls between 2-4am. I received about 5 calls between 2:30-5:30a by concerned ppl and my whereabouts and such. I would’ve been grateful for those early morning phone calls of it was 1st, 3rd or any Sunday of mere importance; but since it was 4th Sunday I get to miss 6:30a soundcheck and first service (yippee!!!). Well those calls made me miss my 9am soundcheck as I woke up at 9:33a. Without detail I zoomed to church in 30 min and managed to be 3 min late (whew). Not proper breakfast nor coffee. No time to breathe as I have another service elsewhere that I need to be after church. So no proper lunch. I get there and everything I tend to have in my bag seemed to have slipped onto my backseat so I made a plethora of trips from the stage to my car before the service started. My phone died and my notes were on there. Great. Wooooosahhhhh….almost blew up before I realized that I had

•a can of red bull
•nutragrain bar
•peanut M&Ms

What a life saver! I had energy, some chocolate and fruit on stage while playing. Yeah I was pushing rogue status. The band had special prayer for me as this was such an exceptional day. But I’m glad that a couple if attendees managed to testify that my playing blessed them. So even in my most undesirable state with a little prayer He can be shown through my music. That brought a genuine smile to my face.

A four hour rehearsal followed that service. I was running out of wings but snotty nutragrain bar saved the moment. The practice was the best so far, but the other components have helped me make a grand decision. My sanity over money. Of course I wasn’t going insane but unnecessary stress and tension are not called for when we have to endure collaborative efforts as a performing group (we all need to glance and expound on my “musician’s toolkit” entry). My time with them is gladly running out unless God says otherwise…I’m kind of feeling that He’s gonna use me as an instrument to set them straight and fine tune some of my own needed adjustments.

Yep Sunday was an all time low but because I God carried me even when the odds were against my success I can definitely say that it was one of my most poignant testifying times where I recognized God deliver me from so much in such a little time.

Ok. The sermon’s over. Time for offering. Pass the plate.


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