Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Yeah we turn headz…we’re turning yours right now!

As of 7/7/11…

11:07:15: The guy onstage, it’s easy to immediately tell that he is good. Kyle Hubbard, nominee last year for the Houston Press Best Underground Rap music award, is standing at the back of the room. (He’s always easy to spot at rap shows. He’s the white guy.)

Approach him, shake hands. He leans in and says something that sounds like, “This guy is fucking badass.” Good enough for Kyle Hubbard, good enough for the world.

11:09: Wow. This kid is not dicking around. He has a proper band with him, composed of a white guy on guitar, a black guy on drums and a black girl in those thick-framed glasses on bass. The guitar player is blistering his fingers all to shit during a fiery solo. Excellent.

11:11: They’ve just switched up the cadence. They’re into some funky, summertime warmness. This is remarkable. Is this the quality of talent that Turnin’ Headz concert series has been unearthing? Bravo. One for one tonight, we’d say. Aces.

Purple Bastard Presents…Turnin’ Headz: Blank Canvas is proud to keep Hip-Hop alive with fresh new acts both local and national. Sponsored by Vitamin Water

the proof is in the pudding. delicious pudding…

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