Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Live Hip Hop – Fullmetal F Dot & The Bandtastic 4 Live @ the ‘Death to the Mainstream’ R.1

“Now, to Fullmetal F Dot & the Bandtastic 4. One of the acts I have seen before. Several times.

Very dope, from the music to the performance. Tonight was no different. They lit this place up.

They had the majority of the crowd rocking with them. Also, the first and only act with a full band,

so I think the crowd was especially loving that. The songs themselves are dope. The music

behind the lyrics is great, and obviously all original, so that lends to it. Then you have the clever lyrics,

and positive themes of the tracks. Solid group. Lookout for them.”

Check out some footage of Bandtastic4 going in

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