Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

A Musician’s toolkit: must have! Entry 1

NOTE: this is an “ever growing” list

1. Bizness sense (yeah I know it’s spelled incorrectly but I’m down for less BS)

2. Sense of Communication-I hate being left in limbo about subtle details that can immensely effect the overall outcome of the situation. Less confusion and frustration on my part…and yours. TRUST ME!!! #tryit

3. Know your worth-if you’re good then develop that character that’s confident and not extremely cocky or else I wouldn’t want to work with you. If you’re not good then don’t even waste time learning the song on paid time. #timeISmoney

4. Sense of humor-in some cases personality can speak volumes where talent just can’t. One can calm down another or raise the stress thermometer in the room. Don’t be the idiot, be the mediator and light hearted comic. I cherish those rare breaks of laughter while rehearsing with stiffs.

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