Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

Bandtastic4: death2mainstream hip hop competition [20 below sports bar Katy, TX]

a couple of hours ago, BT4 showcased ‘3’ hits and pleased the crowd with presence, music, and content to garner 3rd place overall and a slot in the finals on 10/15/2011. i’ll reserve my bashing on here as twitter holds my thoughts and rants, thus follow me @cammie_browne (shameless plug)…anyways, there was this amazing lyricist (‘first and foremost’) by the name @iamlyric (FOLLOW HER!!!) she blazed the stage and raised the bar for the competitors but in my book she was robbed of a slot and recognition (stopping my rant)…enjoy the footage

Fullmetal Fdot and the Bandtastic4

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