Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

short-Term Sacrifice equals Long-Term Gain…

last night i had a productive rehearsal with a talented group called the #bandtastik4 [] <pics to come> i have to say that my journey with them thus far has been a great one. little to no worries and much fun with a promising future. in my profession many of us are looking for the upfront benefit…the “quick turnaround for my gas/time/money spent” type of benefit…but with these guys the expense is overshadowed with the cool they exude so well…i guess that’s SWAG (i thought that was considered archaic and cool??). in some groups (i soooo wanna dish but i won’t say any names) the fun and room to breathe is taken out of the equation thus ‘upfront benefit’ is all i see….shame. but these guys r different.

literally i was sold with the first visit where @fullmetalfdot handed me the mixtape in a chili’s in the galleria. cool cats that should be given a chance from unselfish souls to share what they love most. music

anyways, if you’re in the houston area this weekend show some Bandtastic 4 luv and stop by $2 HIP-HOP SHOW LIVE @ NOTSUOH FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 2ND

NOTSUOH (314 main houston, tx 77002) we’ll be performing around 10:30p or so.

Beon the lookout for vids and pics from this weekend’s events and this Tuesday’s studio session

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