Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

new addition to the fam!

two tuesdays ago i was in my 2nd studio session for the day and a gentleman was sitting on the couch “blending in.”  after i attempted to capture a good take we engaged in a conversation about basses, and from there he laid upon me that cliche of a statement “you know i bought this _____ thinking i had time to learn it but since i bought it it’s been collecting dust in my attic/bedroom/closet for years…” yeah i heard that many times but i’m glad that my approach is to expect something different…something refreshing like “hey you can play with it if you want…yeah i’m interested in selling it”

[me: YESSSS!!!]

now it’s time to do some quick research as the guy hops in his jeep to head home and bring it to me (yeah that quick!)

[realizing that it’s a 6 string cort bass]

ME: so a cort bass huh?? not one that i fancy typically but ok…

[modeled a Greg Curbow design and such]

ME: …ok, quite attractive you’re becoming…

[having difficulty retrieving info on this bass]

ME: REALLY?!?!? Little to no documentation on this bass???

[quick analysis] not a bad sounding bass with the single pick up…a decent back up to my time to buy a double bass case 🙂

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