Camisha Ruffins, Bassist

What’s your role in ministry?

Ministry (as transcribed roughly from a conversation from Bishop Lester Blount)
•to much is given much is required
•Make full proof of your job

  • be in a very intense (serious) state of mind or u won’t take seriously the price of iberty; thus becoming complacent and losing focus

“2 attitudinal approaches to service”
*Hebrews 11-svc from reward based on evaluation of self [if every man]
-Many ppl come for reward; no matter what they get thy feel there’s more to deserve (what service renders)
*Romans 12:1-2 present ur body as a living sacrifice, which is ur reasonable service-not bc of what I expect to receive but what is already done.  Out of gratitude for it’s already done (not attitude of what I can receive)
(Chester Baldwin-Im an instrument…he made me not or myself he made me so I can help somebody else)

•do what you can (paralytic in mark)
-if each of the four men lowered the man through the roof.  Less participation becomes a heavier load onto those still participating

When u have ur hands to find somethingthats good do with all of ur might
•have an expectation-expect it to be done and that it will be done, not God’s gonna do it
•don’t say it but do it-if one person takes the initiative to do

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